The Best Tips For Growing Roses Successfully

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If you have decided to plant roses, and you would like to be successful, there are many tips that you must implement. Growing roses is not that different from growing most other flowers, but there are certain things that must be done to ensure your success. These are one of the oldest flowers that have been cultivated, and roses come in over 2000 different varieties. There will be some subtle differences in the way that you care for each type of rose. The following tips for growing roses will apply to all of them, allowing you to be successful if this is your first time planting roses.

It Begins With Planting Your Roses

Those that are just starting out will need to first plant their roses. It is important to plant them during the spring or fall. This will give them plenty of time to stretch out, growing new roots, allowing them to get ready to bloom. The initial hole that you are going to dig is going to be 2 feet wide, and it needs to be at least 1 foot in depth. You will need to put some type of compost into the hole, primarily because chemical fertilizers can burn new roots very easily. Simply press the outside of the container they are in, gently sliding them out. The bud union, which is where the roots will meet the canes of the rosebush, about 3 inches under the soil. You will want to fill the remainder of the hole with your existing dirt, and remember to water it generously. You should also have quite a bit of space between each of the roses that you are planting as it can help diminish insect problems and diseases from occurring. Now let’s look at a few tips for growing roses, specifically addressing how to care for them on a daily basis.

How To Care For Your Rose Plant

Watering every day is recommended, though not so much that it is going to potentially cause root rot. As a general rule, they need to inches of water every single week which comes out to about 5 gallons. After the roses have been in the soil for a few weeks, you can apply some type of fertilizer. This could either be synthetic or organic fertilizer. As long as the roses receive at least six hours of sunlight every day, they are going to do just fine. What you will want to look for is the possibility of disease, or insects that are causing problems. If you detect that there is a disease, and there are roses in close proximity to the infected one, it needs to be removed right away. If you notice aphids, Japanese beetles, or cane borers, you can get insecticides that are both chemically based and organic to eliminate the problem.

How To Prune Your Roses

Just as trees need to be pruned every year to keep them healthy, it is also true with roses. You may notice that there are several dead canes on the rose plant. These need to be cut off at either the point of discoloration, or at the base. If there are some that are only partially black, they might be able to recover. You need to have at least 3 to 5 stout canes circumventing the plant in order for it to be as healthy as possible.

Problems That Can Affect The Health Of Your Roses

Some of the problems that can affect the health of your roses have already been mentioned. Certain insects can cause damage, and also certain diseases, but there can be other problems. For example, roses can develop what is called powdery mildew which is a fungal disease. You will notice this white powder, something that will show up on the leaves, stems, and the shoots causing them to curl. Although this can happen because of dry soil, it could also be a lack of mulch keeping the water from evaporating. You could also see Downey mildew, blackspot or what is called rose rust. All of these can be resolved by quickly removing the infected areas before it continues to spread. If you are constantly watching your roses, you will likely see these problems immediately and will be able to prevent the entire rose plant from becoming infected. Likewise, look for bugs like aphids, spider mites, thrips, and even large rose saw flies. All of these insects can be eliminated using pesticides designed to kill each specific kind.

Tips For Growing Roses Are Always Healthy

There are certain types of fertilizers that are very beneficial for roses. One is called phosphorus. One of the easiest ways to get the exact amount of phosphorus to your roses is to bury banana peels in the ground around your rose plants. As long as these are chopped up, and you do not disturb the roots, this is going to help them considerably. You should also add alfalfa which has iron, calcium, nitrogen and many other nutrients that can help improve their health. In general, roses must have six hours of sunlight, and proper drainage of the soil. Mulch must be 3 inches high around the perimeter of the base of the plant. Watering should be infrequent, and it is perhaps best with some type of soaker hose. Finally, make sure you are pruning regularly, and also inspecting your roses to make sure there are no diseases or insects afflicting them.

These tips for growing roses should help you become very successful. You now know how to properly prune, plants, and care for these beautiful flowers. By having the right amount of sunlight, fertilizer, and water, you should see your rose plants growing large and producing many beautiful roses every year. You also know how to prevent any type of disease or bug infestation, ensuring the longevity of these plants. Hopefully you will be able to have a beautiful rose garden using these simple tips for growing roses.